Romance Interaction Pack

Requires the XML Injector

Here is my Youtube Video

The interaction menu will be found under the Romance Category.

The pie menu sticks out with a heart.

Admire WooHoo Techniques

Sims will be able to use this interaction once they have a WooHoo Buff. If the interaction succeeds the target sim will get the buff below:

If the interaction fails, the actor sim will gain a negative sentiment buff.

Amorous Hug

When sims use this interaction, they will share a romantic hug. This will increase their romantic status, but if the hug fails they will lose romance between them.

Discuss Meeting Parents

This interaction is only available on Sims that are boyfriend and girlfriend. Both Sims will get an interaction if this interaction is used and it will disappear for the Sim who initiates the interaction. So if your Sim breaks up with a Sim, you’ll need to use the other significant other to use this interaction. If the interaction succeeds, Both Sims will get this buff here below and a sentiment could also generate.

There is also a negative buff if the interaction fails but I did not capture it.

Discuss Relationship Status

This interaction will have in-text notifications and they will be random.

(There is about 15 of them and only one will generate each time).

I Love Looking at You

This interaction will generate a buff for the Sim receiving the compliment and if the compliment fails, then the Sim using the the interaction will get a negative moodlet. Also romance gain increases between two Sims and the enamored sentiment is gained by the Sim who uses the interaction. Also there is an increase of romance between the sims or a loss depending if the interaction fails or succeeds.

There is a negative moodlet, but I did capture it.

There is a positive moodlet:

Tell to Leap Into Arms

You can use this interaction to get a Sim to leap into your arms. This is the only way I could get the interaction to work. Sims gain romance if the interaction succeeds and loses romance status if the interaction fails.

You are my Soulmate

When this interaction is used Sims will gain an increase in romance and they will lose it if the interaction fails. If it succeeds, Sims will see the pop up below:

This means the Sim has declared a soulmate. The target sim will get a buff about being someone’s soulmate.

If the interaction is denied the Sims will lose a percent of their romantic relationship status and the Sim who initiated the topic will receive a buff:

You Have My Heart

If the interaction is a success, sims will gain an increase in their romantic relationship, but if it fails they will have a loss in their romantic relationship. The sim using the interaction will get a buff if the interactions fails and if the interactions succeeds the target sim will get a positive buff.

It will generate a negative moodlet for the Sim who uses the interaction if it fails.

You Make Me Happy

This interaction is always available. Will generate a buff for the Target and Actor Sims. A positive buff for the target sim can be seen below:

The negative moodlet shows if the interaction fails for the actor sim:

Download Here

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