KiaraSims4Mods Recent Updates

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Mods are updated to the current patch of unless noted below (That means update them).

Reminder: It is up to you the player, to keep up with mod updates. Before reporting any issues with mods, please ensure all your mods are updated in your game.

11/27 – Please re-download the Odd Jobs Merged File – Added two new odd jobs Decorator and Photoshoot.

11/22 – All traits (Including Lot Traits) have been updated to remove the .ts4script, a lot of players were having issues with the script files. Please also re-download Bowling Alley Event Trait as well since I had to unmerge the Bowling Alley Lot Trait from it.

11/13 Fourth Update – Work From Home Pie Menu updated! Make sure to download the XML injector as well.

11/13 Third Update – Events Updated – Double Date, Honeymoon, Housewarming, Sleepover, Babysitting Job, First School Day and Pre-School Day

11/13 Second Update – Astronomer career and Geologist career updated. EA made a change to the collection types text.

11/13 – All traits are compatible with the latest patch. If you find errors, report them using the form link above!

11/8 – Salon Makeover Event – Updated Strings for Salon Makeover (Only need to re-download if your game is not in English)

10/30 – Wedding Venue Lot Trait – Fixed a typo.

10/25 – Senior Living Lot Trait – Added additional walkbys so it can increase the chance of elders, I can not guarantee elders will show though.