Travel To Menu

Required Game Pack: Parenthood and Spa Day
Other Requirements: XML Injector

How it Works: Sims will use their Cell Phone > Travel and then see Travel To.

Youtube Video here on the menu


Sims will stay at the Casino for 60 minutes to 180 minutes. They will come back with a buff of losing or winning. If a Sim wins, they will gain anywhere from 100 to 500 Simoleons and if they lose you will lose 100 to 500 Simoleons.

College Campus Tour


The tour will last roughly two hours and Sims will gain a random buffs. Random buffs could include a pro-Foxbury Institute buff, pro-University of Britechester buff. Depending on the both there will be two interactions – Talk about Britechester University or Talk about Foxbruy Institute.

When you travel to the concert, it will cost 20 Simoleons! Concert lasts up to 2 hours. Sims will receive a random buff when going to this interaction. You may get a happy buff or bored buff depending on if they liked the concert or not. There is also two interactions depending on the buff. The Happy buff interaction is – Talk about Concert and the bored buff is – Complain about Concert.

Farmer’s Market

This interaction cost nothing as you are visiting the Farmer’s Market, but Sims will stain gone 30 – 90 minutes. When they return it is possible for them to have vegetables or fruits in their inventory and this will lead to Sims being charged a fee once they return to the lot.

Ferryboat Cruise

The interaction cost 100 Simoleons and lasts about 2 hours. Sims will come back with a happy buff about enjoying the views, but there is also a chance of coming back with a sea sick buff and Sims will have nausea if they come back sick.


There is no cost for this interaction. It assumes Sims are just going to a random place to hookup and Sims will stay gone for about 1 to 2 hours. They will come back either flirty or uncomfortable.

Horse Riding

There is a 50 Simoleon cost to visit the stable. Sims will stay gone around 2 hours and will come back with 1 of 4 moodlets. A happy moodlet, a scared moodlet because of a horse bit and there is an uncomfortable moodlet that means the Sim was injured riding a horse.

Picnic at the Park

There is no cost for the picnic at the park. Sims will come back with a happy moodlet or sad moodlet. The sad moodlet will usually mean it rained at the picnic and the happy moodlet means they enjoyed the picnic regardless of anything else.

Visit a Therapist

There is a 100 Simoleon cost for this interaction that last 2 hours. Sims will gain a confident buff or an angry buff depending on how the session goes. Sims will also have whims when this session is over. The whims include – Take a bath with a soak write in journal, relax in sauna and get a massage.

Visit Family Members

Sims will spend about 60 – 180 minutes visiting family. They will get a happy buff or a buff about a family disagreement.

Visit Marriage Therapist

When you travel to the Marriage Therapist the Sims are charged 100 Simoleons per visit. They will receive a random buff that may be happy or sad. The sim with the sad buff will get this interaction – Talk about Marriage Status. The sim with the confident buff will get an interaction – Talk about Saving Marriage. This interaction will generate an in-text notification.

Watch a Movie

This interaction will last roughly 2 hours and Sims will get a bored, happy, scared or sad buff.

The interactions for each buff:
Happy – Talk about Great Movie
Bored – Complain about Movie
Sad – Talk about Sad Movie Ending
Scared – Talk about Scary Movie

Download Here

11 thoughts on “Travel To Menu

  1. hey, do you know why this happened, when my other sims use it and go somewhere for example to farmers market and she will come back with fruits or will get home with a buff so it work on her but then my other sim will only be a short time and doesn’t come back with anything or a buff, and i tried the others options and he will always just be out for a short time and comes home immediately. And i tried with my teen but when i clicked the options to travel, nothing happens. I really love this mod but dont know if it is the mod or something else.


    1. I am not sure I am understanding. Sims should come back with a buff and fruits/vegetables from the farmers market. Make sure all your mods are up to date.


  2. This mod looks like so much fun! Very well thought-out 🙂 I was wondering if you knew of any known conflicts? I have Kawiistacie’s Explore and Slice of Life mod installed, as well as Littlemssam’s Social Activities/events.


    1. Conflicts need to be checked on the user/side, but this mod with the new update should not conflict with any other mods.


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